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As I'm sewing my way through blog-land, I'm rating every tutorial I use - according to skill level and three ratings. Here is the break down of those:

Jump Right In: This tutorial is well organized and easy to follow. Don't worry about it, just jump right in!

Make a Muslin: The theory is good. The design is worth making, but the instructions are out of order or difficult to understand. Don't make the first one out of your "good fabric".

Don't Cut That: I imagine there won't be many of these. However, if I do use this rating, it will be because the tutorial is fraught with mistakes and misleading directions. Honestly, it would have to be pretty bad.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Circle Skirt, Here I come!

Tutorial: Made Circle Skirt
Skill Level:  Beginner
Rating:  Jump Right In!

The immediate next project was a circle skirt. I didn't use a tutorial for that one, just some geometry. But, I did try my hand at a tutorial for it - not very good. Either way, the method I use is just like this one from 
Dana Made It!

Dana's tutorial definitely gets a "Jump Right In".  As with all of her tutorials, the directions are clear, concise and easy to follow.  Easy peasy for anyone from beginners to experts!

Now, here are a few Circle skirts that I've made:

The purple one on the left is still worn regularly (by a little sister, of course).

The one on the right was a fabric choice FAIL and was soon turned into doll clothes & scraps.  :)

More recently, we've made many many half circle skirts, made using similar math and half as much fabric.

Here are a couple of those:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wrap Skirts that don't fly open - OH MY!

After being tipped off by a friend, I devoured the connimom wrap skirt tutorial.  From that, I made my first clothing item for me!

  The instructions were incredibly clear and concise.  This is the first one I made, and I had pretty much zero sewing experience.

  I made it out of clearance twill from Joann's...and still wear it in the fall.  :)

Then later, I went back for the tutorial to make the girls' each a little kid-sized one (before I learned to print and file tutorials) and it was gone!!

I was frantic - because of course I didn't start until the night before I needed the skirts!  But, after literally an hour of searching, I found it! 

So, without further ado, here it is - the bestest wrap skirt tutorial around:  the connimom (aka Mamahen) wrap skirt, 
Part 1 and Part 2  

Oh, and the girls' skirts:

Starting from the beginning

Tutorial:  Indie Tutes Peasant Shirt
Skill Level:  Beginner
Rating:  Jump Right In!

I don't like patterns.  I just don't.  My husband would say it has something to do with being told what to do.  My mom would say something about me being just like my dad.  They'd both be right...sort of.  

I don't know, it's something about all the fidgety parts of a pattern that frustrate me.  I'm sure one day I'l grow up and sew like a big girl.  Until then, I really like tutorials.  Maybe it's the pictures.  hmmm....

Well, I'd like to say I've kept track of every thing I've made, but I can't really do that.  I started sewing about four years ago intermittently for my daughters.  The first tutorial I used was to make a tiered skirt for my daughter.  I didn't use a single tutorial - but a compilation of several different sites.  So, I'll link all of them!  #
I started with the J Caroline instructions and adjusted slightly with the tutorial from Kuky Ideas and one from Crafster.

Then, just because it seemed like the right thing to do, I followed that up with Indie Tutes' Peasant Blouse.

And, this is what we ended up with:

Peasant Blouse and Tiered Skirt

Then, obviously, we needed a few for my nieces in Japan.  #  Unfortunately, by the time I got off my duff, made and mailed them, they barely fit.  $   Lesson learned:  little girls grow FAST!

Raggedy Ann