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As I'm sewing my way through blog-land, I'm rating every tutorial I use - according to skill level and three ratings. Here is the break down of those:

Jump Right In: This tutorial is well organized and easy to follow. Don't worry about it, just jump right in!

Make a Muslin: The theory is good. The design is worth making, but the instructions are out of order or difficult to understand. Don't make the first one out of your "good fabric".

Don't Cut That: I imagine there won't be many of these. However, if I do use this rating, it will be because the tutorial is fraught with mistakes and misleading directions. Honestly, it would have to be pretty bad.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Charm Pack Twirl Skirt

Tutorial: Charm Pack Twirl Skirt
Skill Level:  Beginner
Rating:  Jump Right In!

Because I had four little girls at the time, my life was centered around ruffles and skirts.  This is about the time I stumbled upon Sew Mama Sew!


Around the time I found it, was children's clothing round up time.  How perfect!  I thought I would have to sew for months just to be satisfied.  I was wrong, it has taken years and I'm still not there.  o

I started with the cutest little skirt that seemed like I could actually do it.  :)  It was the Charming Little Skirt Tutorial by The Merry Church Mouse.  I have to be honest, I was terrified!  I mean, this was actually sewing.  :)  I had no idea what I was doing, but had set my mind on making this for my second daughter's birthday.  The tutorial was PERFECT.  It was almost like she was in the room, holding my hand, saying no, no - like this.  lol!

This was definitely the tutorial that made me feel like I would like to sew for a LONG time and that maybe I could actually be good at it.  

So, I borrowed my mom's machine...

Spent an hour that night sewing...

I wish I could find a photo of someone wearing it - because it's still around...
handed down twice now!

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