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As I'm sewing my way through blog-land, I'm rating every tutorial I use - according to skill level and three ratings. Here is the break down of those:

Jump Right In: This tutorial is well organized and easy to follow. Don't worry about it, just jump right in!

Make a Muslin: The theory is good. The design is worth making, but the instructions are out of order or difficult to understand. Don't make the first one out of your "good fabric".

Don't Cut That: I imagine there won't be many of these. However, if I do use this rating, it will be because the tutorial is fraught with mistakes and misleading directions. Honestly, it would have to be pretty bad.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

To Quilt, or Not to Quilt (Disappearing 9 Patch)

Tutorial: Quilts & ATC Disappearing 9 Patch
Skill Level:  Intermediate
Rating:  Jump Right In!

Eventually, Sew Mama Sew mentioned quilting in this post.  With my interest perked, I (of course) ended up at Quilts & ATCs for the disappearing 9 patch tutorial.  This tutorial (unfortunately) is not for a beginner.  To me, if you need instructions to make the 9 patch disappear, you're probably a beginner, right?  Well, I was.  My seams were too big.  I didn't know anything about quilting...but it turned out alright.  So, I am rating this as an intermediate tutorial and giving it a Jump Right In rating because IF you already know a little about quilting, the Disappearing Nine Patch is very easy.

If you are a beginner, however, I recommend the PS, i quilt tutorial found here:

It's definitely more of the beginner-friendly tutorial we've all come to know and love!

Oh, and this is my first one...

And, I don't have a photo of the block after the patches "disappeared"  :)  but I have one of the wonky first quilt I made with them:

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