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As I'm sewing my way through blog-land, I'm rating every tutorial I use - according to skill level and three ratings. Here is the break down of those:

Jump Right In: This tutorial is well organized and easy to follow. Don't worry about it, just jump right in!

Make a Muslin: The theory is good. The design is worth making, but the instructions are out of order or difficult to understand. Don't make the first one out of your "good fabric".

Don't Cut That: I imagine there won't be many of these. However, if I do use this rating, it will be because the tutorial is fraught with mistakes and misleading directions. Honestly, it would have to be pretty bad.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Not quite a tutorial

Hmmm...what came next?  Well, it would have to be the ruffled-edge baby blanket for my little sister.  Now, I know this is going to tell a lot about my sewing experience, but I had NO CLUE how to make a blanket!

But while strolling through my local Joann one day, I noticed this adorable little instruction card (you can find it here)

The instructions seemed simple enough, and the local Joann had tons of LSU fabric on sale, so it seemed like a sure bet!  While this is definitely not a tutorial (there is no step-by-step illustration for us visual learners) and I had to google what it meant to gather with a basting stitch and how to slip stitch an opening closed, the directions are solid.

I make these blankets from time to time now, of course, using a ruffler foot, and this is the basic process I used for our Fall table runner this year.  Overall, I'll give this a "Make a Muslin" rating - just because the directions may require some clarification for a beginner, but this is definitely a beginner's project!

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